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Before you start your application, please ensure you have the following items to hand.
  • Previously achieved qualifications along with your year of achievement as well as predicted/actual grades
  • An idea of which subjects you are looking to study while at Regent College and at which level
  • Details of your preferred referee, referee's will be contacted on your behalf for your application
Important Notice:

With the introduction of the General Data Policy Regulation (GDPR) on the 25th May 2018, the College has updated it's privacy policy to explain what data, what purpose and how the College uses your data.

Please take this opportunity before continuing to read the latest version of the College's privacy policy that applies directly to applicants by clicking the following link: privacy policy.

In accordance the College's privacy policy, the College will delete any unsuccessful / incomplete applicant data from the Regent Application System (this system) within 30 days of submission to ensure only relevant data is retained by the College.

Any successful / progressed applicant's data will be retained by the College and the applicant contacted in due course to arrange interviews and their next steps in the application process.